Kas Stone Photographic Art: On The Beach Gallery
Take off your shoes and leave some footprints in the sand.
On the Beach, Crescent Beach (KDF01816)
Rising Tide, Rissers Beach (KDF05700)
Storm Over Inverness Beach  (KDF04224)
Hirtles Beach Walk  (KAS51161)
Crescent Beach Evening Tide  (KAS46764)
In the Pink, Carters Beach  (KBG00331)
Sandpiper Parade, Crescent Beach  (KAS47084)
Three Crows, Dublin Bay  (KDHS01367)
Release the Hounds!, Rissers Beach  (KFXT00126)
Breakfast Meeting, Rissers Beach  (KAS46164)
Somewhere Under the Rainbow, White Point Beach  (KBG01824)
Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior  (KAS40237)
Ebb and Flow, Cherry Hill Beach  (KAS45789)
Topography in Sand and Snow, Long Point, Lake Erie  (KAS52184)
Shell Ashore, Rissers Beach  (KDF00283)
Crabbing, Green Bay  (KAS31638)
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