This gallery is a collection of broad coastal scenery ranging geographically from the Upper Great Lakes to the Atlantic ocean. See my Stormy Weather gallery for a more tempestuous view.
Kas Stone Photographic Art: Going Coastal
Pillar Rock, Cape Breton  (KDF03386)
Rossport, Lake Superior  (KAS17943)
Churchill Islands, Georgian Bay  (KAS43157)
Green Bay, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia  (KAS51431)
Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay  (KAS42001)
Coldwell Peninsula, Lake Superior  (KAS22547)
Rock Pool, Georgian Bay  (KAS43184)
Collin Rock, Georgian Bay  (KAS42680)
Time and Tide, Medway Head, Nova Scotia  (KAS49161)
Georgian Bay Evening  (KAS42737)
Bedrock Channel, Georgian Bay  (KASDSC4865)
Fractured Bedrock, Georgian Bay  (KASDSC6162)
Thirty Thousand Islands, Georgian Bay  (KAS42482)
Salisbury Island, Georgian Bay  (KAS43142)
Franklin Island, Georgian Bay  (KAS23703)
Baxters Harbour, Bay of Fundy  (KAS32937)
Dublin Bay, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia  (KDF05546)
Evening Tide, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia  (KAS48995)
Flint Island, Schreiber Channel, Lake Superior  (KAS35451)
Rhyolite Cove, Lake Superior  (KAS34916)
Percé Rock, Gaspé, Quebec (KAS08040)
Sinclair Cove, Lake Superior (KAS35575)
Devil's Warehouse Island, Lake Superior (KAS34905)
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