Kas Stone Photographic Art: New Work
This is an evolving gallery of recent favourites images. Some are newly out of the camera; others were captured longer ago but only just 'discovered' in my files, and newly processed.
Slate Palette, Gaff Point NS (KVC00567)
Salt Marsh, Cape Enrage, New Brunswick  (KVC02233)
Salt Marsh Palette, Shepody Bay, New Brunswick  (KVC00323)
Into Thin Air, Point Pleasant Park, Halifax NS (KNEO17183)
River of Clouds, LaHave NS  (KVC00687)
Elemental Counterpoint, Rissers Beach NS   (KVC00755)
Lines in Conversation, Clarks Harbour NS  (KBG04803)
Winter Cottage, Lake Erie  (KBG02273)
Applewood, Noel Shore NS (KBG04475)
Lupin Grove, Windsor NS  (KNEO17209)
A Dandelion Day, Kings County NS (KVC01191)
Two Spirited  (KBG02186)
Swinging on Ice  (KBG02324)
Snakes and Ladders, Port Mouton NS  (KBG04855)
All photographs on this website are, unless otherwise noted, © Kas Stone 2002-2017.

The Gathering, Voglers Cove NS   (KBG03982)
Bay Window, Scots Bay, Nova Scotia (KBG03103)
Laundry Day  (KBG03556)
Haywire  (KBG03872)
Avian Pandemonium   (KDF01136)
Slate Abstract, Gaff Point NS   (KVC00610)
Coming Home, East Berlin NS (KBG03523)
Vanishing Point, Cherry Hill Beach NS  (KBG04591)
The Hawk, Cape Sable Island NS (KBG04780)
Patchwork Portal, Kings County NS (KBG030122)
Parting Company  (KBG04468)