Kas Stone Photographic Art: New & Unusual
This is an evolving gallery of recent favourites and images whose subject matter doesn't fit comfortably into my other galleries; in other words, it is an eclectic collection. For many of these 'unusual' images the title is of tremendous importance and the location is of none whatsoever, and therefore is excluded.
Slim Pickings  (KBG09451)
Summertime Blues  (KBG05811)
Etched in Steel  (KBG09762)
Lines in Conversation  (KBG04803)
Looking Glass  (KBG05937)
Snakes and Ladders  (KBG04855)
Twig Ballet (KBG10503)
Set in Stone  (KBG05685)
All photographs on this website are, unless otherwise noted, © Kas Stone 2002-2018.

Nerve Centre  (KAS41859)
Built to Last  (KASDSC7808)
All Under the Weather  (KAS36371)
Lunar Transformation  (Lunar Eclipse September 2015)
Nautical Geometry  (KBG00390)
Northern Light  (KAS43280)
Paint the Town  (KDF05765)
Vanishing Point  (KBG04591)
Rhythm and Counterpoint (KBG03126)
The Forerunner  (KBG09325)