Kas Stone Photographic Art: Outdoor Adventures Gallery
This gallery draws on my extensive portfolio of wilderness and outdoor lifestyle images gathered over many years of backcountry adventures. These photographs have appeared as illustrations in guidebooks and magazine articles, and been used by tourism and commercial clients to promote outdoor recreational activities (see my bio HERE for highlights).
Paddling Adventure, Georgian Bay (KAS24431)
Urban Paddling, Toronto Harbour (KAS06428)
Transport Canada, Georgian Bay (KAS43051)
The Bustards, Georgian Bay (KASDSC4225)
Canadian Classic, Georgian Bay (KAS42994)
Canoe on the Rocks, Georgian Bay (KAS43172)
Kayak Lesson, Toronto Harbourfront (KAS14887)
Rock Climbing, Rattlesnake Point (KAS16742)
Photo Workshop, Crescent Beach (KDF01826)
Mountain Bike Race (KAS17074)
The Perfect Campsite, Georgian Bay (KAS43097)
Georgian Bay Camp (KAS23735)
Dog Park, English Bay, Vancouver (KAS36238)
Dory at Battle Island, Lake Superior (KAS17389)
Sailing English Bay, Vancouver (KAS36228)
Wild Blue Yonder (KAS50727)
Sailing on Thin Ice (KDF00656)
Bird Enthusiast (KAS09677)
Whiskeyjack Picnic Thief  (KAS37184)
Meg  (KDF04933)
Curious Friends  (KAS43795)
Winter Dog Walk  (KAS09297)
All photographs on this website are, unless otherwise noted, © Kas Stone 2002-2017.

Sail Away (KAS06872)