Stones have always been one of my favourite subjects, partly for the beauty of their shapes, colours and textures, and partly because I am fascinated by their geological genesis and the tectonic and erosive processes that have shaped the larger rocky landscape.
Kas Stone Photographic Art: Stones
Stones are, one might say, my 'signature' theme -- as they were for my father and fellow photographer, David Stone. In February 2011 we celebrated our shared passion by mounting an exhibition at Toronto's Northern District Public Library Gallery entitled "Stones on Stone: an Exploration of Rocks and Rockscapes". My father died in October 2012, and I treasure this gallery of stones in memory of him.
Roadside Geology, Gaspé, Quebec  (KAS08103)
Erosion, Schreiber Beach, Lake Superior  (KAS22481)
Stones on Stone:  Jess, Skye, David, Kas
Manitoulin Island, September 2010  (KAS22481)
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Seaforth Stones, Seaforth, Nova Scotia  (KAS44018)
Geomorphic, Green Bay, Nova Scotia  (KDF04451)
Taylor Head, Nova Scotia  (KAS33806)
Slate Angles, Cape Enrage, New Brunswick  (KAS30059)
Elemental, Medway Head, Nova Scotia  (KDF05214)
Turtle Rock Detail, Shawanga, Georgian Bay  (KAS42805)
Bedrock Palette, Georgian Bay  (KAS42508)
Elemental Earth, Schreiber Channel, Lake Superior  (KAS35470)
Slate Oblique, Gaff Point, Nova Scotia  (KAS45853)
Erratic, Red Rock, Whitefish Bay, Lake Superior  (KAS40495)
Superior Stones, Red Rock, Lake Superior  (KAS40509)
Lone Watchman, Labrador  (KASESC0224)
Wreck Island Erratic, Georgian Bay  (KASDSC6588)
Rock Fold, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay  (KAS42256)
Rock Pool, Bessener Rock, Georgian Bay  (KAS43415)
Foggy Dawn, Lake Nipigon  (KAS22219)
Moonrise over Black Bay, Georgian Bay  (KAS43093)
Between a Rock, Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia  (KAS31055)
The Stone Family, St. Lewis, Labrador  (KASESC0041)
David H. Stone
October 20, 1928 - October 10, 2012
(Photograph by Michael Anderson, July 2011)
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Rock Pool, Broad Cove, Lunenburg County  (KFXT00254)
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