Kas Stone Photographic Art: Stormy Weather
The spectacular convergence of natural forces during stormy weather is something I have always found inspiring -- in an aesthetic sense, for the dramatic views created, and in a personal sense, for the refreshing feeling of wind, sound of waves, and the sense of energy and turbulence. This gallery is a collection of my favourites from stormy days along the North Atlantic and Great Lakes coasts.
Storm Watch, Manitoulin Island (KAS18583)
Broad Cove, Inverness County, Cape Breton  (KDF04129)
Sinclair Cove, Lake Superior  (KASESC4910)
Convergence, Georgian Bay  (KAS43446)
Incoming Tide, Cherry Hill Beach  NS   (KAS47251)
Seabound Coast, Rissers Beach, Nova Scotia  (KDF05398)
Northern Sky, Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron  (KAS29712)
Wave Action, Cherry Hill Beach, Nova Scotia  (KAS47285)
At Sea, Hirtles Beach, Nova Scotia  (KAS51160)
North Atlantic Light, Cape Breton  (KDF03860)
Storm Brewing  (KAS20417)
Breakers, Little Harbour, Lunenburg County NS  (KAS47500)
Tourelle, Gaspésie, Quebec (KASD8007903)
Storm Surge, Hurricane Arthur, Lunenburg County NS (KAS50114)
Wave Upon Wave, Little Harbour, Lunenburg County NS (KAS50239)
Wave and Spindrift, Cherry Hill, Nova Scotia (KAS50417)
Angry Sea, Hurricane Arthur, Broad Cove, Nova Scotia (KAS50026)
Agawa Rock, Lake Superior (KASESC4873)
All photographs on this website are, unless otherwise noted, © Kas Stone 2002-2017.

Nautilus Rising, White Point Beach, NS  (KBG01685)
Oceanus, White Point Beach, Nova Scotia  (KBG01761)
Turbulence, Cape Breton Highlands, NS (KDF03277)
The Tempest, Green Bay, Lunenburg County NS  (KAS51314)
On the Horizon, Petite Riviere, NS  (KBG03408)
After the Storm, Crescent Beach, Lunenburg County NS  (KDF01856)
Passing Clouds, Aspy Bay, Cape Breton  (KDF03784)