Kas Stone Photographic Art: Trees Gallery
As a general rule I avoid trees. I prefer barrenlands -- bleak open spaces too high or cold or windy for trees to grow. Forests make me claustrophobic. Paradoxically therefore, trees are a favourite subject for my photographs: a solitary tree along a fenceline; a line of white birch at the edge of a field; a blaze of autumn colours, black winter wood standing stark against white snow.
Three Solitudes  (KFXT00613)
Winter Orchard  (KAS21209)
January Morning  (KAS20588)
The Watchkeepers  (KDF05322)
Treetop Conversation  (KDF04736)
Winter Farm  (KAS44572)
Aqua Vitae  (KDF03158)
Birch Boardwalk  (KAS30232)
Autumn Birch Grove  (KDF03544)
Birch Trunks Abstract  (KAS34487)
Birch Woodlot  (KAS19850)
Celtic Colours, Margaree Valley, Cape Breton  (KDF04057)
October Pond, Musquodoboit Valley (KAS43956)
October Palette, Margaree Valley, Cape Breton  (KDF04024)
Out of the Fog, East Berlin NS  (KAS49268)
Winter Witches, Crescent Beach  (KDF00734)
Winter Fog  (KAS09848)
Winter Path  (KAS09842)
Winter Wood  (KAS09857)
Snow Forest  (KAS44331)
After the Fire, Kejimkujik  (KBG00179)
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