In the time before COVID, one of my favourite things was sharing my photographs and the stories behind them with people who visited me at art/craft shows or in my studio. Photographers typically asked about technical details: what camera I use and how I process my images. Non-photographers more often wanted to know where I took the photo and whether it was "real". It was a wonderful way to connect with photography lovers of all sorts. I miss these conversations now that COVID is keeping us apart. So I am launching a new project: a Newsletter to continue the tradition online.

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  • Periodic short emails, 6-10 times per year, bringing you the latest…
  • New photographs with their backstories (where, how, and most importantly why I made them) and sometimes before-and-after versions of an image to show you its evolution;
  • Thoughtful answers to interesting questions that people have asked me over the years, or ask your question HERE;
  • Links to other people's work (photographers, artists, writers, musicians) you might find inspiring;
  • News about my recent activities and upcoming events.
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Kas Stone Newsletter #1 - March 2021