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Behind the Scenes: the making of a photograph

Most people think that “making a photo” is a simple matter of pointing a camera at something interesting and pressing the shutter button. Voila! But photographers know better. In honing our skills we come to appreciate the rich complexity of craft, artistry and personal vision that goes into every picture. We also learn that what really makes a photograph is how effectively it communicates our innermost feelings, thoughts and stories to a viewer.

This presentation features an integrated approach to the photographic process, from the first stirrings of visual inspiration, through the labyrinth of technical and compositional decisions we make when crafting an image, to the finished photograph we present to the world.

Kas will share her image-making workflow, illustrated with stories and before/after examples from her portfolio, to show how the personal choices we make in the field, at the computer, and even in our lives, contribute to the making of a photograph.

Format: 90-minute presentation

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