Divided We Stand 

Making Meaningful Photographs

NEW – Coming in April 2023

With today’s sophisticated cameras and countless resources available for helping us learn how to use them, making beautiful photographs has never been easier. But is “beautiful” enough? In a world where 3.2 billion images are shared on social media every day, what makes your images worth stopping for? Do they tug at a viewer’s heartstrings? Can they make people laugh or think or wonder? Have they anything important to say? In short, do they mean anything?

In this presentation, Kas challenges you to explore these meaning-of-life questions as part of your image-making process, and inspires you to make more meaningful photographs as you discover the answers. Topics include:

  • What meaning means – in photographs and in life
  • Different meanings for different people: photographers vs viewers
  • How meaning is influenced by a photograph’s subject matter and style
  • How to use cultural symbols, abstraction, metaphor, allusion and anthropomorphism to create meaning in your photographs
  • The role of titles in guiding image meaning

Format: 90-minute presentation OR two-part workshop (total 6-7 hours) 

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