Setting Boundaries: a guide to cropping photographs – NEW

Cropping is a popular technique that is used to remove extraneous or distracting elements around the edges of a photograph or to change its aspect ratio. However, too often cropping is (mis) used as a remedy for sloppy composition or laziness in the field!

In this presentation we explore the role of cropping in our photographic workflow and its impact on an image’s visual design and storytelling. We review methods of calculating appropriate crop dimensions for various print and electronic formats, and technical limitations that must be considered when ‘setting boundaries’ for our images. Topics include:

  • Why cropping is useful and why sometimes it’s not the best tool for the job
  • How cropping relates to a camera’s sensor size and resolution
  • Cropping to fit specific output requirements (print vs electronic)
  • Cropping to remove distractions
  • Cropping to change an image’s aspect ratio
  • Cropping as a compositional tool to alter placement of elements in the frame
  • Cropping as a storytelling tool to create mood, movement or mystery

Note: this is a general discussion that applies to any image-editing software; it is not a software-specific how-to tutorial.

Format: 90-minute presentation

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