Pictures vs Words: a Photographer’s Guide to Titles and Other Useful Text

Book - Pictures vs Words

A lively debate about the relationship between pictures and words, with tips for creating effective titles for your artwork… MORE INFO

For The Birds

A benefit project to celebrate our feathered friends and to raise awareness about the plight of the world’s bird populations. 50% of the proceeds from book sales are donated to Bird Studies Canada… MORE INFO

Counting My Blessings: 14 Days in Quarantine

A COVID quarantine project in January 2021, when I photographed the same scene from my wharf every day to explore the variations in mood over a fourteen-day period. The result was enlightening! Get your FREE PDF.

A Decade on Nova Scotia’s South Shore

This limited-edition book (now sold out) reflects on my decade in the LaHave area of Nova Scotia and celebrates the beautiful places that inspired my photographs. View sample pages HERE.

Paddling and Hiking Guidebooks

My photographic career evolved from my many years of wilderness travel and writing outdoor adventure guidebooks and environmental articles. These Paddling & Hiking books, published by The Boston Mills Press, are still popular… MORE INFO


Landscape Photography and the Meaning of Life, feature article in On Landscape magazine, U.K. (Issue #226, March 2021). The publishers are generously permitting free access to this article online HERE.

A Thousand Words, feature article in On Landscape magazine, U.K. (Issue #182, April 2019). The publishers are generously permitting free access to this article online HERE

More Than Landscape Photographs, 4×4 portfolio in On Landscape magazine, U.K. (Issue #169, April 2018). Read HERE

In Search of Winter, feature article in On Your Doorstep magazine (Issue #6, July 2018). Read HERE.

The End of the Road, feature article in Canadian Camera magazine (Summer 2014). Read HERE.

The Passion Within, feature profile interview and photographs in Outdoor Photography Canada magazine (Winter 2010). Read HERE.

Superior Outdoors Title Pages

Superior Outdoors Magazine, annual Summer-edition feature articles with photographs and maps:

  • Superior Lookouts, 2013
  • Lake Superior Provincial Park Coastal Trail, 2012
  • The Coldwell Peninsula, 2011
  • Hiking and History on the Canadian Shield , 2010
  • Bedazzled by Basalt,  2009
Kanawa Rocks & Wrecks 2006

Rocks and Wrecks: Exploring Georgian Bay’s Massasauga Park, feature article with photographs and maps in Kanawa Magazine, Summer 2006.

ON Nature Agawa Rock Photo Summer 2008

Other Publications: Cancer’s Rogue Season by Marlene Grand ;Maître and Frog Hollow Press (2020), ;League Magazine (2018), Understorey Magazine (Issue 8, 2016), BMW Motorcycle Owners Magazine (2016), On Nature (2008-2017, GEO France (2012).

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