Book - For the Birds
Bird Enthusiast (Rick_RWC8675)

Photograph courtesy of Rick Chuchra

For the Birds

This project is For The Birds. I don’t mean the photographs are garbage. At least I hope they aren’t! What I mean is that I put this exhibition and accompanying book together to celebrate the birds who share my life here on the Nova Scotia coast – seasonal migrants and hardy residents alike.

These are not bird photographs in the classic sense, the kind you see in nature magazines and field guides. Rather, my birds are characters in larger stories about landscapes, life and the joys and sorrows that are common to us all. That is, they are anthropomorphic birds. 

So, for the birds, 50% of proceeds from the sale of all books are donated to Bird Studies Canada in support of their efforts to raise awareness about the plight of our bird populations and to help preserve them.

Publication: © Kas Stone 2019; printed by; softcover, 7″ x 9″, 40 pages perfect-bound. View sample pages HERE

Price: $25 including tax for in-person purchases; $34 including shipping/tax for orders within Canada, payable by e-transfer, PayPal or credit card. To place an order please CONTACT ME

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