This gallery is a collection of coastal scenery ranging geographically from the Upper Great Lakes to the Atlantic ocean. Occasionally tranquil, but more typically stormy, the mood is always changing along this restless margin where water, air and land converge. The natural forces here are something I have always found inspiring -- in an aesthetic sense for the photographic opportunities they offer, and in a personal sense, for the feeling of wind, the sound of waves, and their refreshing infusion of energy.
Kas Stone Photographic Art: Coastal
Sea Change, White Point Beach, Nova Scotia  (KBG01795)
Evening Tide, LaHave Islands NS  (KAS48995)
Quiet Cove, Churchill Islands, Georgian Bay ON  (KAS43157)
Green Bay Dawn, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia  (KAS51431)
Pic Island Revisited, Lake Superior ON  (KAS22692)
At Sea, Hirtles Beach, Lunenburg County NS  (KAS51160)
Angry Sea, Broad Cove, Lunenburg County NS (KAS50026)
Rising Tide, Rissers Beach NS  (KDF05700)
The Perfect Campsite, Champlain Island, Georgian Bay ON  (KAS43097)
Wave and Spindrift, Cherry Hill NS  (KAS50417)
Standing Into Danger, Taylor Head NS  (KAS33846)
Breakers, Little Harbour, Lunenburg County NS  (KBG11267)
Salisbury Island, Georgian Bay ON  (KAS43142)
Storm Watch, Manitoulin Island ON  (KAS18583)
Go With The Flow, Cherry Hill Beach NS  (KFXT00109)
The Tempest, Green Bay, Lunenburg County NS  (KAS51314)
After the Storm, Crescent Beach, Lunenburg County NS (KAS01856)
Crescent Beach Evening Tide, Lunenburg County NS (KAS46764)
Wharf's End, Inverness County, Cape Breton NS  (KDF04129)
Incoming Tide, Cherry Hill Beach NS  (KAS47251)
Beachcombing, White Point Beach NS  (KBG00279)
Ebb and Flow, Cherry Hill Beach NS  (KAS45789)
Sail Away, Cabot Head Georgian Bay ON  (KAS06872)
On the Rocks, Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay ON  (KAS43172)
Washed Up, Rissers Beach NS  (KDF00283)
Northern Light (KAS43280)
All photographs on this website are, unless otherwise noted, © Kas Stone 2002-2020.

Hurricane Force, Hurricane Dorian at Tor Bay Beach NS  (KBG21064)
Force Nine, Cape Breton NS  (KBG11267)