I am not a wildlife or people photographer. I have neither the skill nor the interest in photographing these subjects. It's not that I dislike them. After all, some of my best friends are people, and most of the rest are either four-footed or feathered. A succession of beloved pets has passed through my life, including garter snakes and red-backed salamanders. I have worked at a horse barn, a humane society shelter and a vet clinic. I keep my birdfeeders generously supplied and I participate in Bird Studies Canada's Project Feederwatch each season. But when creatures or people appear in my photographs, they are there as characters in a larger story. This gallery showcases some of those stories.
Kas Stone Photographic Art: Creatures (Including Humans)
Song for a November Afternoon  (KBG08864)
Without a Backward Glance  (KBG09272)
Haywire  (KBG03872)
A Brief Encounter  (KBG10401)
Fine Feathered Friends  (KAS09733)
Bird Enthusiast  (KAS09677)
Quiet Friends  (KAS40604)
Laundry Day  (KBG03556)
Farmyard Courtship  (KAS38996)
The Watchkeepers  (KDF05322)
Songbirds  (KAS44027)
Sandpiper Parade  (KAS47084)
Sanderling Quick-Step  (KBG06072)
Surf's Up!  (KBG05757)
Release the Hounds!  (KFXT00126)
Crabbing  (KAS31638)
The Picnic Thief  (KAS37184)
Three Sheep to the Wind  (KASESC1764)
Nosy Neighbours  (KAS45918)
Paddling Adventure  (KAS24431)
Urban Adventurers  (KAS06428)
Winter Walk  (KAS44497)
Night Watch  (KDF02628)
Weather Vane Birds (KBG1148)
Shore Lunch (KBG13167)
All photographs on this website are, unless otherwise noted, © Kas Stone 2002-2020.

Call of the Wild  (KBG16816)
Slim Pickings  (KBG09451)