Kas Stone Photographic Art: Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia is my home. Over many years I have explored its far-flung corners and delighted in the variety of its landscapes: from the battered Atlantic headlands, to Fundy's cliffs and mud flats, to the Annapolis Valley's gentle farmland and Northumberland's luxurious beaches, to the wilds of the Cape Breton Highlands. If you include its countless inlets and islands, Nova Scotia's coastline is estimated to be more than 13,000 km in length, and nowhere in the province is farther than 60 km from the sea. This gallery is a collection of classic scenery from around the province.
Rissers Beach Boardwalk  (KAS49563)
Dublin Shore Wharf  (KAS50586)
A Heavenly Morning  (KDF05714)
Hanging Out  (KDF025777)
Lunenburg   (KAS51124)
Mahone Bay  (KDHS01294)
Mabou, Cape Breton  (KDF03152)
Bear River  (KBG01995)
Stonehurst  (KAS51111)
Tancook Island  (KAS31232)
Riverport Schooners  (KAS50697)
Bygone Days, Peggys Cove  (KAS30895)
Boat Parade, Dublin Shore   (KBG00068)
Evening on the Dock  (KAS47774)
Blueberry Barrens, Canso  (KAS33567)
Blue Bottles and Old Boat, Port Medway  (KAS31437)
Upon Reflection  (KVC00105)
Old Salt and Oilcloth  (KAS30945)
Blue Rocks  (KAS31364)
Acadian Cheer  (KBG11574)
Maritime Hospitality  (KAS31455)
Dublin Shore Wharf  (KAS50586)
A Maritime Evening  (KDF02558)
Patchwork Portal  (KBG03122)
A Maritime Evening  (KDF02558)
Weathered Wood   (KAS47830)
Upon Reflection  (KVC00105)
Acadian Cheer  (KBG11574)
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Turbulence, Cape Breton Highlands NS  (KDF03276)
The Light at Cape Forchu, Yarmouth County NS  (KAS32189)