Kas Stone
Photographic Art
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I am a full-time photographic artist and writer based in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, where my work is inspired by the wild coastal scenery and moody weather right outside my door. The appeal is partly aesthetic, but also deeply rooted in my love of the outdoors and my interest in geology and the natural environment.
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My portfolio includes an extensive list of publications, exhibitions, workshops and awards, with two wilderness guidebooks published by the Boston Mills Press, and feature articles in Canadian and U.K. magazines. My work can be found at select galleries, fine art and craft shows, and in private collections worldwide. My creative techniques and minimalist aesthetic often leave viewers wondering "Is this a photograph, or a painting?" -- a question that always delights me!

I took up photography originally to illustrate my writings about wilderness travel, but over the past decade it has evolved into more contemplative imagery that promotes environmental, outdoor lifestyle and broader human themes. Recent work has included projects for the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, Bird Studies Canada, and the Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation, and I support photographic groups that advocate ethical practices in the Great Outdoors.